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Kyoto-Fushimi is the histrical town where Toyotomi Hideyoshi constructed the Fushimi-momoyama castle, Tokugawa Ieyasu constructed the original Ginza, and Sakamato Ryoma pressed in Bakumatsu.
Sakamoto Ryoma Toyotomi hideyoshi

The guide of Kyoto-Fushimi
Fushimi-inari shrine
Ryoma Teradaya and Ryoma
Hideyoshi Fushimi-momoyama castle
Sake celler Gekkeikan ohkura commemoration house and Sake cellar
Spring Cherry blossoms in Fushimi
Rape blossoms in front of Sake cellar
Summer Hydrangeas of Fujinomori-shrine
Autumn Jonangu with autumn colors
Winter Choken-temple
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Map Map of Fushimi | Where is Fushimi?
Fushimi-inari shrine | Fushimi-ko park | Castle town Fushimi
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